Time Flies

You're in fourth grade. You're skinny. You have big, gimped-up glasses. Your I.Q. far exceeds others your age and most adults. And if all that wasn't enough, you have a large, bright green pickle for a head. Solving quantum mechanics equations is so much easier than winning peer acceptance and approval. This is the plight of LESTER.

Making sure that insult is added to injury, MARVIN never misses an opportunity to harass Lester. Short on height and brains, but not on snack foods, Marvin delights in the role of class creep.

Entrusted with the challenge of educating these two and their classmates is the quirky elementary teacher DERK SAMSON. When the P.T.A. meetings are over and the papers are graded, he enjoys getting away with one of his favorite inventions, the time-travelling whoopie cushion. In this persona he is known as the quasi-hero, TIME JUMPER.

In a world where pickleheads wax eloquent, imaginations run amok and time-travelling is a raspberry away, intriguing events occur while TIME FLIES.


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